Friday, December 17, 2010

The Last Blog

...of the semester at least. It hardly feels as if it's been a semester. I remember just yesterday sitting in my Digital Civilization class and thinking "I wonder if I should drop this class..." The class seemed terribly complicated and I wasnt exactly sure what they were saying half of the time, but I kept the class (mainly because I needed honors credit and I didn't want to search for another available class), and it turned out to not be so bad. Don't get me wrong, sometimes (and I do mean more than once) I would be in tears, siting with my computer, with my roommates asking me what was wrong, and I being able to only mumble something to the effect, "...I....don'" They didn't understand (or even empathize) with my plight.

Despite being somewhat challenging course, I have learned a great deal and I am very grateful for all the useful information (both historical and digital) that I have acquired these last few months. I have stretched myself in ways I didn't really think possible at the beginning. If you would have asked me to make a prezi presentation that included embedding a youtube video and still shots of my own computer screen using Jing I would have thought you were speaking another language. And that is exactly what it is. I have learned a whole new language in the course of a semester as I have explored new tools and websites and methods of creating and consuming digital literature. It has been quite the journey and I can only help but think where all this information will take me in the future.

It's funny to look back at my older posts and see how I've advanced. This is the link to my first reflective post. At this point I was just touching the tip of the iceberg of learning.

Here is a link of the first prezi I made for our mini book club. It was the worst prezi I think I've ever seen.

Here is  my most recent prezi I made with Jeff Whitlock for our Final Presentation. I think it was lot better.

And now for the Award Ceremony:

Here is the link of the post I am most proud of (and not too mention my most popular blog with a whole 7 comments!)

This post gets the "Nice Try" Award. I still wasn't sure how to post and I was trying to connect to the subject matter and that's what you get.

This post gets the "Waaaaaay too long and boring" award. I learned from my mistake, don't worry.

This post earns the "Most inspirational" award. I was feeling pretty low and who knew reading your homework would help lift you up?

I think the most useful tool I have learned how to use (and I use about once a week still) is JING! As I sit here typing the little yellow "sun" at the stop of my screen just warms my heart. It is just so easy to use and so incredibly useful.

I've had a lot of fun, stress, laughter, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and whole lot of other emotions while taking this class. I hope I continue learning from the principles I have acquired.

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